Excel Add-in Updated to Support Excel 2016

Posted on April 4th, 2016 by whalewisdom

WhaleWisdom’s popular Excel Add-in has been updated to support Excel 2016.  The add-in is available for Windows users only.

Use the add-in to easily pull 13F data directly into Excel.


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Moving Average Based Hedging

Posted on April 1st, 2016 by whalewisdom

WhaleWisdom has a new hedging strategy for backtests, the Monthly Moving Average Hedge.

Now you can set a monthly moving average for your hedge to watch (the default is 10 months).  If your long portfolio’s performance drops below the moving average then your portfolio will be hedged by shorting the S&P 500.  So if you set a 25% hedge, then 25% of your long portfolio will be sold and the funds reallocated to the short whenever the hedge is in effect. Once your long portfolio’s performance goes back over the moving average, the short hedge will be removed and the funds from the short will be reallocated to your long positions.

The new hedging strategies require a pro level subscription to use



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