Potential Winners/Losers in Today’s ARNA and JPM Action

Posted on May 11th, 2012 by whalewisdom

While the Q4 2011 13f filing data is now stale, enough early Q1 2012 filings have come in as well as a couple of 13G filings that indicate possible winners and losers in today’s action.

Winners in Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA)

Arena Pharmaceuticals is up 61% today after experts recommended approval for the company’s obesity pill.

Both Blackrock Inc and Wellington Management filed 13G’s no the 13th and 14th of February indicating large positions in ARNA.  Since 13G’s must be filed 10 days after any purchase or sale by owners of more than 5% of the stock we can assume both funds still hold their shares.  Early Q1 2012 13F’s show State Street, Bank of New York Mellon, the State of New Jersey Pension Fund, Smith Asset Management, Schwab Charles Investment Management, Oxford Asset Mangement, Rhumbline Advisors, Metropolitan Life, Nationwide Fund Advisors and Bailard Inc (through call options) all held over 100,000 shares in ARNA as of 3/31.  Though no fund so far has ARNA representing more than a fraction of 1 percent of their entire 13f portfolio.

Losers in JPMorgan Chase (JPM)

JPMorgan Chase is down almost 8% in today’s action after revealing a trading loss of at least $2 billion from a failed hedging strategy.

Blackrock filed a 13G on 2/13 disclosing a 213,278,198 share (5.61%) position in JPM.  From 13f data so far JPM represents over 5% of at least 6 filer’s portfolios.  Ruffer LLP (13.48%), Grisanti Brown & Partners (10.38%), Alpine Investment Management (7.32%), Grabill Bank (6.38%), Wright Private Asset Management (5.31%), and Anderson Hoagland (5.06%).   At least 79 filer’s so far have JPM as at least a top 5 holding. All of this information and more is available for free using Whalewisdom fund and stock tools linked to throughout this article.


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