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Eqis Capital Management is based out of San Rafael. Eqis Capital Management is a large advisory firm with More than 100 clients and discretionary assets under management (AUM) of $1,669,500,000 (Form ADV from 2016-09-06). Their last reported 13F filing for Q3 2016 included $1,561,132,000 in managed 13F securities and a top 10 holdings concentration of 42.45%. Eqis Capital Management's largest holding is iShares Lehman 3-7 Year Treasury Bond Fund with shares held of 2,262,030. WhaleWisdom has at least 24 13F filings in our database for Eqis Capital Management.

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13F Activity

  • Market Value$1,561,132,000
  • Prior Market Value$1,467,693,000
  • New Purchases154 stocks
  • Additional Purchases447 stocks
  • Sold out of98 stocks
  • Reduced holdings in282 stocks
  • Top 10 Holdings %42.45%
  • Turnover % [1]:28.47%
  • Turnover Alt % [2]:18.04%
  • Avg. Length Held Top20:1.95 quarters
  • Avg. Length Held Top10:1.70 quarters
  • Avg. Length Held All:7.22 quarters

[1]: Turnover is calculated by taking the # of new holdings (initial purchases) + the # of positions sold out of (not just reduced) divided by the total # of holdings for the quarter.

[2]: Alt Turnover is calculated by taking either the total MV of new purchases or the MV of securities sold, whichever is less, divided by the total MV of the fund.


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Portfolio Performance

Top 20 equal-weighted holdings. Last updated on 2016-11-18

Performance for Q3 2016: -1.36%
Performance Last 4 Quarters: 6.02%
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  • 2015-12-31 - 13F-HR (Subscription required)
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  • 2011-12-31 - 13F-HR (Subscription required)
  • 2011-09-30 - 13F-HR (Subscription required)
  • 2011-06-30 - 13F-HR (Subscription required)
  • 2011-03-31 - 13F-HR (Subscription required)
  • 2010-12-31 - 13F-HR (Subscription required)

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1000 4TH ST., STE 650
SAN RAFAEL CA    94901
Country: United States

Business Phone: 800-949-9936
Fax: 630-206-0757
Professional Investment Advisor Data
SEC Registration as : Large Advisory Firm
Form of Organization: Corporation
Organized in: IL
Number of employees: 75
Other Business Activities: real estate broker, dealer, or agent ,insurance broker or agent,lawyer or law firm
Advisor Fees/Compensation: Percentage of assets under management
Amount of client funds and securities:
Total Number of Clients:
Amount of client funds and securities by related persons:
Total Number of clients from related persons:
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Form 4 - Non-derivative Insider Transactions Since 09/30/2016


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