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    Classified as Hedge Fund
    DALLAS TX    75201
    Country: UNITED STATES

    Business Phone: 214-347-8050
    Fax: 214-347-8051
    Professional Investment Advisor Data
    SEC Registration as : Large Advisory Firm
    Form of Organization: Limited Partnership
    Organized in: DE
    Number of employees: 24
    Other Business Activities: commodity pool operator or commodity trading advisor
    Advisor Fees/Compensation: Percentage of assets under management,Performance-based fees
    Regulatory Asets Under Management: 2,315,820,000
    Amount of client funds and securities: 1,856,950,000
    Total Number of Clients: 7
    Amount of client funds and securities by related persons:
    Total Number of clients from related persons:
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    Performance for 12/31/2014 quarter 2.81 %
    Performance Last 4 Quarters -14.58%

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    Form SC 13G/A2015-02-13
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