Our Company

Whalewisdom.com provides a suite of tools to help track the performance of Hedge Fund and Asset Managers by analyzing and organizing their reported 13F and Schedule 13D/13G filings.

Whalewisdom.com was originally established in 2008 with the simple goal of providing users with the ability to compare changes in 13F portfolios quarter over quarter. The site has since expanded to include processing of other SEC filings such as 13D/G, Form 4, N-Sar, and Form D.

Other services such as email alerts and API access have also been developed to address the needs of our users.

Data Collection Process

Whalewisdom.com SEC filing data (13F's, 13D/G's, Form 3/4) collection is done in house and is entirely automated with little to no human intervention. Without human oversight, there is a greater risk that data error may exist since we are relying on the filer to provide accurate information. Use at your own risk.