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Schedule 13D's and 13G's (Max of 250 shown)
Date Filed By Subject Company Total
Reported Shares
13D Reason
10/20/2014 SC 13G/A MORGAN STANLEY Life-Time Fitness Inc 858,528
10/20/2014 SC 13G/A MORGAN STANLEY Carters, Inc. 1,002,375
10/29/2014 SC 13D/A POSTROCK ENERGY CORP Constellation Energy Partners LLC 1,398,795
10/30/2014 SC 13D/A HOLLEY, MICHAEL J. High Performance 28,125,000 Reason
10/30/2014 SC 13D/A MCBRIDE TOBY High Performance 28,125,000 Reason
10/29/2014 SC 13D/A BECKER DRAPKIN MANAGEMENT, L.P. Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. 1,894,565 Reason