Closing price on 12/31/2014: $141.75
Filers who had this stock in their top 10: 47
13F Filers holding this stock: 1101
Aggregate shares on 12/31/2014: 324,048,869
Aggregate shares on 09/30/2014: 322,544,941
Percent change: 0.47%
Funds creating new positions: 139
Funds Adding to an existing position: 427
Funds closing out their position: 31
Funds reducing their position: 365
Heat Map Ranking for 12/31/2014 582
Heat Map Ranking for 09/30/2014 594
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Schedule 13D and 13G filings submitted since 12/31/2014

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Filing Company Date of
Total Reported
Shares Owned
Shares Reported
on 13F
SC 13G BLACKROCK INC. 02/03/2015 23,019,568 1,211,367
SC 13G VANGUARD GROUP INC 02/11/2015 23,743,596 23,743,586

13F Filers holding this stock

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*Please note that if a filer hasn't submitted a 13F filing for a quarter then the filer's shares will be listed as "Sold All"

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