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Legg Mason is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged as an asset management company that provides investment management and related services to institutional and individual clients, company-sponsored mutual funds and other pooled investment vehicles. Co. operates its business in two divisions: Americas, which consists of its U.S.-domiciled fund families, the separate account businesses of its U.S.-based investment affiliates, and the domestic distribution organization; and International, which consists of its fund complexes, distribution teams and investment affiliates located outside the U.S. As at Mar 31 2010, Co. had total assets under management of $684.55 billion.

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Aggregate shares on 03/31/2016: 94,373,294
Aggregate shares on 12/31/2015: 95,628,703
Percent change: -1.31%
Funds creating new positions: 43
Funds Adding to an existing position: 128
Funds closing out their position: 69
Funds reducing their position: 121
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