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13F Filings for the December 31, 2014 Quarter are due
February 17th, 2015
4138 filings already imported!

Advanced 13F Analysis and Reporting

Analyze and compare 13F data going back to 2001. Use any of the tools below to get started.

Backtest the 13F holdings of one or more firms and see how cloning their portfolio would compare to the market.
Combined Holdings
Show the combined portfolio of multiple firm's 13F holdings over time.
Consensus Holdings
Get consensus stock picks for a group of firms based on the group's 13F holdings.
13F Fund Performance Evaluator
See which firms had the best or worst Whalewisdom performance over time. Search by market cap, sector, and more.
Firm Search
Search for SEC filers using a wide range of criteria.
13F Stock Screener
Find stocks based on different metrics such as 13F turnover, average 13F portfolio ranking and more.
13F HeatMap
Find the hottest or coldest stocks based on reported 13F filings.
Interactive charts for a group of 13F portfolios. Visually compare total market value, Whalewisdom performance and more.

Many Features Available for Free!

Lookup specific funds or stocks and view 13F data going back up to two years. No account registration or subscription required.

API For Automating 13F Data Extraction

Use the Whalewisdom API to assist in automating gathering 13F data from the website. Extract data in CSV or JSON format

Excel Add-in

Check out the new Excel Add-in that lets you pull 13F data or run backtests directly from Excel. Keep an up-to-date combined 13F/13D/G portfolio of firms you are interested in.

Tiered Subscription Access

Much of the site remains 100% free to use, but for those users who want API access and the ability to extract data into Excel, Whalewisdom offers a tiered subscription model to meet your needs.

Dashboard for reporting

Use the new Whalewisdom Dashboard to create groups of 13F filers to do analysis and reporting on. Run backtests, setup email alerts, or find consensus holdings.

Email Alerts

Setup email alerts whenever new filings for a specific company or basket of stocks is released from the SEC. 100% Free and no subscription required.

Schedule 13D/G Filing Search

Whalewisdom processes new Schedule 13D/G filings daily. Search for new filings for a specific ticker or from a specific fund

Whalewisdom also processes filings other than 13F and 13D/G.

Search filers or browse by name