The WhaleIndex v2.0

The WhaleIndex represents the most popular domestic holdings
of top performing hedge fund managers.
  YTD Return 1-Year Return 3-Year Return Annualized All-Time
(August 2008)
S&P 500 Total Return Index 22.45% 25.55% 71.54% 10.44%
WhaleIndex -4.5% 2.62% 110.07% 14.85%
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What are 13F Filings?

13F filings are submitted quarterly by any manager controlling investments of at least $100 million.

These managers can be private trusts, banks, insurance companies, investment advisors, and hedge funds. Funds must submit their list of qualifying 13F securities no more than 45 days after the end of quarter date.

13F Filings for the September 30th, 2021 Quarter are due November 15th, 2021.

6,073 filings already imported!

What can private investors learn from these filings?

Plenty. Individual investors can take advantage of the research already done by hedge funds by using the data disclosed in 13F filings. Hedge Funds have access to levels of investing talent and capital far beyond most individual investors or small RIAs.

But is the data of any value after 45 days?

Research has found that "Yes" despite the time lag, 13F holdings data is still valuable when released. The key is to focus on funds that tend to hold securities long-term and have a higher concentration of high conviction picks. Funds who favor short-term trading or whose portfolio is so diversified that it basically follows the S&P 500 will generally make poor candidates for copying.

How can WhaleWisdom® help?

WhaleWisdom offers you the tools and research needed to help find funds worth duplicating and securities worth investing in.


Our WhaleScore system has algorithmically identified funds that make good candidates for copying and assigned a scoring system that's easy to follow.

Backtesting Engine

Our 13F Backtesting Engine lets you test a fund or group of funds cloning potential with data going back as far as 2001.

Check out our NEW Insider Backtesting Engine. Backtest insider transactions. Use advanced clustering techniques to uncover alpha.

Heat Map

Our Heat Map attempts to find stocks that funds are starting to show an interest in.


The WhaleIndex tracks the highest-conviction stocks held by leading hedge fund managers.

Email Alerts

Create a free account and start setting up email alerts whenever funds you are interested in submit new filings.

Search Tools

Use the search box at the top of every page to find stocks or funds. Additional search and reporting tools are available via our Dashboard.

Why You Should Backtest

Backtesting lets you copy the stock ideas of top managers to consistently outperform the overall market.

Using WhaleWisdom's custom 13F backtesting tool will allow you to test your cloning strategies. Combine multiple funds to find consensus picks and find out how well they would have performed in the past.

Be sure to checkout our NEW Insider Backtesting Engine.

How do I know which funds are the best to copy?

The WhaleScore helps investors quickly identify funds that consistently beat the market and make good candidates for cloning. Generally, WhaleScores that are higher than the S&P 500's score have a consistent track record of being a good cloning candidate.

Don't want to do your own backtesting but still want to take advantage of 13F filings?

You can use our WhaleIndex. The WhaleIndex tracks the highest-conviction stocks held by leading hedge fund managers.

Here are just a few of the interesting funds we track:

Compare to the S&P 500's WhaleScore of 80

Advanced 13F Data Extraction

WhaleWisdom provides tools for our premium subscribers that allows you to easily
extract 13F holdings into Microsoft Excel and other data analytic tools.
  • "Export to Excel" buttons are located throughout the site to export 13F holdings and other data.
  • The Excel Add-in is available to bring bulk 13F data directly into Excel
  • Use the API to automate data extraction into your own database or spreadsheet.

Free Email Alerts

Receive email alerts whenever funds or stocks you are interested
in submit new filings to the SEC.

For certain filings like 13F, 13D/G, 8-K, Form D, and insider forms 3,4 and 5, the WhaleWisdom email alert will contain
specific details about the actual contents of the filing giving you useful data
without having to actually read the filing yourself.

The email alert service is absolutely free,

only requiring that you sign-up for a free account.

What are 13D/G Filings

Whereas 13F filings give you a snapshot of a fund's holdings 45 days after quarter end, 13D/G filings are typically filed within 10 days of an investor acquiring at least 5% of a single publicly traded company. The information contained in the filing is more current than 13F filings.

13D/G filings are often released before the closing bell. Using WhaleWisdom's email alert system, you can be notified
when these filings are released in real-time and receive actionable info you can use of a Whale's buy or sale
of a security you've been targeting.

WhaleWisdom will often tweet 13D/G events in real-time for some of the more popular funds.

See daily 13D/G activity or Search for past 13D/G transactions.

Does WhaleWisdom track other SEC filings?

In addition to 13F and 13D/G filings, WhaleWisdom offers detailed data analysis of Form D, N-CEN, N-PORT, Forms 3, 4, 5 (insider transactions), and 8-K filings.

Form D

Form D's are sent in by privately held companies that raise capital to declare exempt offerings of securities.

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N-CEN and N-PORT filings are used by mutual funds and ETFs to disclose holdings and regulatory information

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Forms 3, 4, 5

Forms 3, 4, and 5 relate to insider transactions. These filings reveal when owners, officers, and directors of companies buy or sell the company's equity securities.

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8-K filings are used by public U.S. companies to notify investors of specific important events. 8-K's must be filed within four business days of the event triggering the report.

Learn how to receive alerts on 8-K events.

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