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Texas Instruments, Inc.’s (TXN) stock experienced a sharp decline over the past year but managed to outperform the S&P 500. It has been a tough year for the stock market, and Texas Instruments saw a decrease of approximately 9% compared to the S&P’s loss of about 18%. Hedge funds were actively selling the stock in the second quarter of 2022, though the stock’s value improved over the past month.

Texas Instruments is a technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and integrated circuits, selling them to electronics designers and manufacturers worldwide. The semiconductor industry has been highly impacted by inflation, Federal Reserve rate hikes, and supply-chain challenges, though demand for semiconductor chip technology remains strong.

The company’s business consists of two core operating segments, Analog and Embedded Processing, and Texas Instruments products are used across various industries. While some consumers initially think of Texas Instruments as the maker of scientific calculators required for high school and college math classes, Texas Instruments’ analog and embedded semiconductors are utilized in far more than education-based technology. Texas Instruments products are widely used in industrial, personal electronics, automotive, enterprise, and communications equipment markets. Manufacturers like Texas Instruments, who can support and meet the changing needs of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, have opportunities for future growth in these markets.


Hedge Funds and Institutions Trim Portfolios

Texas Instruments’ second-quarter activity included hedge funds selling. The aggregate 13F shares held by hedge funds decreased to about 128.5 million from 131.9 million, a change of approximately 2.6%. Of the hedge funds, 25 created new positions, 115 added to an existing one, 27 exited, and 123 reduced their stakes. Institutions also mildly decreased their aggregate holdings by about 0.8%, to approximately 758.0 million from 764.2 million.


Earnings Decline Expected

Investors should prepare for the long game as analysts cut their earnings estimates for Texas Instruments. Earnings are expected to decrease to $8.00 by December 2023, down from an expected $9.52 for December 2022. Revenue is expected to decline to roughly $18.4 billion by December 2023, down from 20.0 billion in 2022. However, despite less than favorable earnings and revenue estimates through 2023, the long-term 13F metrics between 2005 and 2022 suggest that Texas Instrument’s investment potential remains strong.


Analysts Cut Targets

Analyst Christopher Rolland of Susquehanna Financial Group reacted to the signs of a slowdown in demand in the semiconductor industry. He lowered the firm’s price target on Texas Instruments to $195 from $215, maintaining a Positive Rating on shares. While weaker demand in some markets is likely temporary, other analysts have followed suit in lowering price targets. Citi analyst Christopher Danely kept a Neutral rating on Texas Instruments and lowered the firm’s price target to $155. While Texas Instruments reported favorable third-quarter results, fourth-quarter guidance fell below consensus. Analyst John Vinh of KeyBanc Capital Markets lowered the firm’s price target on Texas Instruments to $210 from $220 and kept an Overweight rating on shares.

Favorable Long-Term Outlook

Market volatility and semiconductor manufacturing challenges have taken their toll on this technology stock. Understandably, analysts have lowered price targets as the earnings outlook through 2023 decreases. As Texas Instruments’ stock continues moving in a positive direction and demand for semiconductor chips becomes stronger, there is optimism for sales and earnings growth beyond 2023. Existing investors should hold onto this stock as it presents an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

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