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Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Facebook Inc. (FB), and Inc. (AMZN) all have one thing in common, that they are the three largest holdings among the Tiger Cubs in aggregate. The Tiger Cubs are a group of investment firms that can trace their origins back to famed money manager Julian Robertson and Tiger Global Management LLC.  According to data compiled by WhaleWisdom, the Tiger Cubs own more than 5% of each of the three companies in their respective portfolios.

Microsoft and Facebook have seen big comebacks in 2019, rising dramatically off their lows in the fourth quarter of 2018. Microsoft has jumped by over 41%, while Facebook has increased by almost 48%, versus the S&P 500’s gain of about 22%. Amazon has been the laggard, which is surprising given the stock’s big gains over the last few years, rising by just 19.2%.


Microsoft is owned by three Tiger Cubs, Coatue Management LLC, Joho Capital LLC, Lone Pine Capital LLC, and Tiger Management. The stock makes up a significant portion of the four firms’ portfolios, representing between 6 and 16%. In total, the four funds own about $39.23 billion worth of the stock. Additionally, during the second quarter, three of the funds were adding to their position and just one was selling its position.


Just 2 Tiger Cubs own shares of Facebook, Coatue, Viking Global Investors LP, and then Tiger Management. Facebook represents between 6 and 10% of their respective portfolios, a smaller weighting than that of Microsoft. Additionally, the three firms hold in total $21.5 billion worth of the stock. During the second quarter, two of the firms were buying the stock and just one was selling.


Lone Pine, Valinor Management LP, Viking Global, and Tiger Management all own shares of Amazon. The stock represents between 5 and 8% of the firms’ individual portfolios. In total, the four firms own about $25 billion worth of the stock. During the second quarter, only one firm was buying the stock, while two were selling it, and one was unchanged.

The Tiger Cubs appear to like the three companies in a big way, as so far they have largely been rewarded for owning these three stocks. Each of the three companies is the dominant force in their respective industries, and in the case of Amazon and Microsoft, are fierce competitors in cloud computing.

Given the big holdings among this elite group of investors it seems they may only continue to flourish in the future.

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