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Abacab Capital Management is based out of New York. Abacab Capital Management is a registered investment advisory firm with discretionary assets under management (AUM) of $0 (Form ADV from 2020-06-30). Whalewisdom has at least 4 13G filings

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abacab capital management llc
330 W. 38TH STREET
NEW YORK NY    10018

Business Phone: 646-257-2082
Current 13D/G Holdings
Stock Sector Shares Held Market Value Rank Source Source Date
Alpha Pro Tech Ltd (APT) HEALTH CARE 1,325,903 4,441,775.05 1 13G 2015-01-23
Scotts Liquid Gold, Inc (SLGD) CONSUMER STAPLES 626,314 1,565,785.00 2 13G 2016-06-02
Janone Inc (JAN) INDUSTRIALS 439,597 364,865.51 3 13G 2014-08-18

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330 W 38TH ST SUITE 1407
NEW YORK NY    10018
Country: United States

Business Phone: 646-257-2082
Professional Investment Advisor Data
SEC Registration as :
Form of Organization: Limited Liability Company
Organized in: DE
Number of employees:
Other Business Activities:
Advisor Fees/Compensation:
Amount of client funds and securities:
Total Number of Clients: 0
Amount of client funds and securities by related persons:
Total Number of clients from related persons:
Data above was derived from SEC filings.

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