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Virtus Convertible & Income Fund II is based out of New York. Nicholas-Applegate Convertible & Income Fund II is a diversified, closed-end management investment company. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: The Fund's investment objective is to provide total return through a combination of capital appreciation and high current income. FUND STRATEGY: Under normal circumstances, the Fund will invest at least 80% of its total assets in a diversified portfolio of convertible securities and non-convertible income-producing securities. The Fund may invest up to 20% of its total assets in other types of securities. The portion of the Fund's assets invested in convertible securities, on the one hand, and non-convertible income-producing securities, on the other, will vary from time to time consistent with the Fund's investment objective, although the Fund will normally invest at least 50% of its total assets in convertible securities. In making allocation decisions, the Fund's portfolio manager will consider factors such as changes in equity prices, changes in interest rates and other economic and market factors. The Fund may invest without limit in securities that are below investment grade quality and expects that ordinarily the portfolio manager's strategies will result in the Fund investing primarily in these securities. FUND MANAGEMENT: Allianz Global Investors Fund Management LLC, an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Allianz Global Investors of America L.P., serves as the Fund's investment manager and is a member of Munich-based Allianz Group (NYSE:AZ). Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management LLC (manager of the Fund's international equity portfolio) and Oppenheimer Capital LLC (manager of the Fund's index option strategy), each an Allianz Global Investors Fund Management affiliate, serve as the Fund's sub-advisers.Whalewisdom has at least 55 Form 4 filings The firm has no submitted 13F filings and does not appear to be an investment advisor.

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virtus convertible & income fund ii
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