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Pfizer is based out of New York. Pfizer is a research-based biopharmaceutical company. Co.'s Primary Care segment includes products prescribed by primary-care physicians. Co.'s Specialty Care and Oncology segment includes products prescribed by physicians who are specialists. Co.'s Established Products and Emerging Markets segment includes products that have lost patent protection or marketing rights and those sold in emerging markets. Co.'s Animal Health segment includes products and services to address disease in livestock and companion animals. Co.'s Consumer Healthcare segment includes non-prescription products in several therapeutic categories.Whalewisdom has at least 44 13D filings, 66 13G filings, and 1562 Form 4 filings The firm has no submitted 13F filings and does not appear to be an investment advisor.

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pfizer inc
235 E 42ND ST
NEW YORK NY    10017

Business Phone: 2125732323
Current 13D/G Holdings
Stock Sector Shares Held Market Value Rank Source Source Date
Cerevel Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (CERE) FINANCE 27,349,212 957,495,912.12 1 13D 2022-03-31
Valneva SE (VALN) HEALTH CARE 9,549,761 237,311,560.85 2 13G 2022-06-22
Arvinas Holding Company LLC (ARVN) HEALTH CARE 3,457,825 232,711,622.50 3 13G 2021-09-13
Allogene Therapeutics Inc (ALLO) HEALTH CARE 22,032,041 200,711,893.51 4 13D 2022-03-31
Akero Therapeutics Inc (AKRO) HEALTH CARE 2,525,262 30,707,185.92 5 13G 2022-06-17
Longboard Pharmaceuticals Inc (LBPH) HEALTH CARE 3,978,540 21,245,403.60 6 13D 2022-03-11
Spero Therapeutics Inc (SPRO) HEALTH CARE 2,362,358 20,552,514.60 7 13G 2021-06-30
Homology Medicines Inc (FIXX) HEALTH CARE 5,000,010 15,200,030.40 8 13G 2020-11-10
Pyxis Oncology Inc (PYXS) HEALTH CARE 2,991,522 12,085,748.88 9 13G 2021-12-31
eFFECTOR Therapeutics Inc (EFTR) HEALTH CARE 2,243,850 8,997,838.50 10 13G 2021-12-31
Cardiff Oncology Inc (CRDF) HEALTH CARE 2,411,585 5,980,730.80 11 13G 2021-11-18
Cerevel Therapeutics Holdings Inc. Warrant (CEREW) 27,349,211 12 13D 2020-10-27
Haleon plc (HLN) HEALTH CARE 2,955,063,627 13 13D 2022-07-17

Active Schedule 13D and 13G events

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