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Merck & Company . is based out of Kenilworth. Merck & Co., Inc. (Merck) is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a range of products to improve human and animal health. The Company's operations are principally managed on a products basis and consist of two business segments. The Pharmaceutical segment includes human health pharmaceutical products marketed either directly or through joint ventures. These products consist of therapeutic and preventive agents, sold by prescription, for the treatment of human disorders. The Vaccines and Infectious Diseases segment includes human health vaccine products marketed either directly or through a joint venture. These products consist of preventative pediatric, adolescent and adult vaccines, primarily administered at physician offices. Infectious disease products consist of therapeutic agents for the treatment of infection sold primarily to drug wholesalers and retailers, hospitals and government agencies.Whalewisdom has at least 7 13D filings, 10 13G filings, and 460 Form 4 filings The firm has no submitted 13F filings and does not appear to be an investment advisor.

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merck & company ., inc.

Business Phone: 908-740-4000
Current 13D/G Holdings
Stock Sector Shares Held Market Value Rank Source Source Date
Pandion Therapeutics Inc. (PAND) HEALTH CARE 11,776,706 4,352,788,304.66 1 13D 2021-02-24
IDENIX PHARMACEUTICALS INC (IDIX) HEALTH CARE 22,477,560 550,700,220.00 2 13D 2014-06-08
NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc (NGM) HEALTH CARE 12,955,026 392,472,512.67 3 13G 2019-04-08
ArQule, Inc. (ARQL) HEALTH CARE 17,481,903 349,638,060.00 4 13D 2019-12-06
Sutro Biopharma Inc (STRO) HEALTH CARE 2,723,519 59,127,597.49 5 13G 2018-09-26
Alector Inc (ALEC) HEALTH CARE 3,545,729 53,646,879.77 6 13G 2019-02-06
KalVista Pharmaceuticals Inc (KALV) HEALTH CARE 1,070,589 8,190,005.85 7 13G 2017-10-06
Spero Therapeutics Inc (SPRO) HEALTH CARE 935,942 7,562,411.36 8 13G 2017-11-06
Yumanity Therapeutics Inc. (YMTX) 526,999 9 13G 2020-12-22

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