Utsumi shop Securities Co., Ltd.

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The firm has no submitted 13F filings and does not appear to be an investment advisor.

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utsumi shop securities co., ltd.


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**EXPERIMENTAL** Current International Short Positions

Only includes UK, France, Germany, Japan, and HKEX are presently being processed.

Holder Issuer Net Short Position Position Date Origin

Short Position History (last 100)

Holder Net Short Position Position Date Origin
ウツミ屋証券株式会社 ACMOS INC. 0.0% 2015-09-18 Japan
ウツミ屋証券株式会社 ACMOS INC. 4.54% 2015-09-17 Japan
ウツミ屋証券株式会社 KURAMOTO CO.,LTD. 0.0% 2015-12-03 Japan
ウツミ屋証券株式会社 KURAMOTO CO.,LTD. 0.5% 2015-12-02 Japan
ウツミ屋証券株式会社 SystemSoft Corporation 0.0% 2016-04-21 Japan
ウツミ屋証券株式会社 SystemSoft Corporation 0.51% 2016-04-20 Japan

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