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Vector Group LTD is based out of Miami. Vector Group Ltd is a holding company. The Company operates in tobacco and real estate. The Tobacco segment consists of the manufacture and sale of cigarettes. The Real Estate segment includes the Company���s investments in consolidated and non-consolidated real estate businesses. It is engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes in the United States through its Liggett Group LLC (Liggett) and Vector Tobacco Inc. (Vector Tobacco) subsidiaries, and the real estate business through its New Valley LLC (New Valley) subsidiary, which is seeking to acquire additional operating companies and real estate properties. New Valley has real estate-related investments, including Douglas Elliman Realty (50% interest), New Valley Oaktree Chelsea Eleven LLC (40% interest) and Fifty Third-Five Building LLC (50% interest), Sesto Holdings S.r.L (7.2% interest), 1107 Broadway (5% interest), NV SOCAL LLC (26% interest) and HFZ East 68th Street (18% interest), where other partners hold interests.Whalewisdom has at least 20 13D filings, 2 13G filings, and 206 Form 4 filings The firm has no submitted 13F filings and does not appear to be an investment advisor.

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vector group ltd
MIAMI FL    33137

Business Phone: 3055798000
Current 13D/G Holdings
Stock Sector Shares Held Market Value Rank Source Source Date
Morgans Hotel Group Co (MHGC) CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY 2,459,788 5,288,544.20 1 13D 2016-05-09

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