What is WhaleWisdom?

WhaleWisdom was founded in 2008 with the belief that there is significant insight to be gained from the "whales" of the stock market. Hedge funds with the best and brightest talent focused on outperforming the market; corporate insiders, those with intimate knowledge of their company that outsiders cannot possibly access; Activist investors trying to unlock shareholder value.

WhaleWisdom piggybacks on the Whale’s resources and knowledge in order to replicate their performance without having to expensive hedge fund fees.

Data Collection Process

WhaleWisdom.com SEC filing data (13F's, 13D/G's, Form 3/4) collection is done in house and is entirely automated with little to no human intervention. Without human oversight, there is a greater risk that data error may exist since we are relying on the filer to provide accurate information. Use at your own risk.

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