WhaleWisdom Excel Add-in

The Excel add-in allows whalewisdom.com subscribers to easily pull hedge fund 13F data in Excel. Import a fund's current or past holdings
Runs on Microsoft Office for Windows versions 2003 through 2019

Now available through the Microsoft Office App Store for Excel for Mac 2016 and Office 365!

The Excel Add-in includes tools to let you pull 13F/13D/13G data from the WhaleWisdom API directly into Excel without needing to understand the technical details of the API.

The Add-in currently lets you select a group of filers or group of stocks and will pull the latest 13F data for them, optionally augmented with any Schedule 13D/G filings that have been released after the 13F filing date.

Get the latest add-in installation file for Windows Office 2003 through 2019

version 1.0.39 (last updated 2021-1-26) Download

The instruction manual is available at https://whalewisdom.com/excel/Whalewisdom Excel Add-in.pdf for anyone to download and look at to give you an idea of the features available.

Download the latest filer_id list.

Download the latest stock_id list.

Office 2016 for Mac or Windows, Office 365, or Excel Online

version 1.0.0 (last updated 2016-12-30) Visit the App Store

What are some things I can do
with the add-in?

  • Let's say you want to retrieve the top 5 holdings per fund from a group of 15 hedge funds you are tracking. This can easily be done using the WhaleWisdom Excel Add-in. Just enter the ids of the funds, set the limit to 5, set the ordering to current_mv descending and run it.
  • Want to always have the latest reported holdings for a given fund including any updates made through Schedule 13D/G filings? Just choose the holdings task pane, enter the filer_id or ids if requesting multiple funds,make sure the 13F quarter being requested is set to Most recent, check the box to include 13D/G data and click Load Holdings. From then on, you only need to press the Refresh Data button to reload the latest holdings and keep up-to-date.
  • Use the add-in to retrieve holders of a given stock including shares held, the % of the filer's 13F portfolio the stock represents and the change from prior quarters.
  • Use the add-in to retrieve fund(s) latest portfolio of holdings or go back in time to prior quarters.
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