Medical Protective Corp

Taken From the combined 2023-03-31 13F-HR Filing of BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC

Stock Symbol Security Type Shares Market Value
Apple Inc AAPL SH 12152000 2.004 Billion
Chevron Corp. (Standard Oil of California) CVX SH 2858400 466.377 Million
Bank of America Corp. (North Carolina National Bank) BAC SH 11999000 343.171 Million
Citigroup, Inc. C SH 5685250 266.581 Million
HP Inc HPQ SH 9001000 264.179 Million
Markel Corp. (Holding Co.) MKL SH 181375 231.69 Million
Paramount Global PARA SH 6776000 151.173 Million
Floor & Decor Holdings Inc FND SH 80880 7.944 Million

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