Form Type: 4

Acccession Number:0001209191-19-048267
Original Submission Date:

Reporting Person:


Non-Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned
Title of SecurityTransaction Date2a. Deemed Execution Date Transaction CodeSharesAcquired or DisposedPrice per share 5. Amount of Securities Beneficially Owned Following Reported Transaction 6. Ownership Form Direct or IndirectNature of Indirect Ownership
COMMON STOCK 2019-08-31 F 11,105 d $29.65 410,110 direct
Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned
(e.g., puts, calls, warrants, convertible securities
Title of Derivative Security Conversion or Exercise Price of Derivative Security Transaction Date Deemed Execution Date Transaction Code Number of Derivative Securities Acquired (A) or Disposed of (D) Date ExercisableExpiration Date Title and Amount of Securities Underlying Derivative Security Price of Derivative Security Number of derivative Securities Beneficially Owned Following Reported Transaction(s) Ownership Form: Direct (D) or Indirect (I) Nature of Indirect Beneficial Ownership
NON-QUALIFIED STOCK OPTIONS 32.36 deemed execution date 0 ( ) 2022-02-03 common stock 27,837 $32.36 27,837 direct
NON-QUALIFIED STOCK OPTIONS 26.76 deemed execution date 0 ( ) 2026-02-02 common stock 82,464 $26.76 82,464 direct
NON-QUALIFIED STOCK OPTIONS 34.68 deemed execution date 0 ( ) 2027-02-01 common stock 131,943 $34.68 131,943 direct
NON-QUALIFIED STOCK OPTIONS 41.94 deemed execution date 0 ( ) 2028-02-14 common stock 75,463 $41.94 75,463 direct
PHANTOM STOCK UNITS 0.0 deemed execution date 0 ( ) common stock 1 $0.00 1 direct
f1 represents shares withheld by the issuer to pay taxes due following the vesting of performance share units that had been earned but remained subject to service-based vesting requirements.
f2 on june 1, 2019, the reporting person received a dividend of one (1) share of corteva, inc. common stock for every three (3) shares of dowdupont inc. held by the reporting person, and the reporting person's equity awards denominated in dowdupont common stock were adjusted, in part, into equity awards denominated in corteva common stock, all as described in corteva's registration statement on form 10 filed with the securities and exchange commission on may 6, 2019. this amount includes shares of issuer common stock received in connection with the separation in an exempt transaction pursuant to rule 16a-9, including restricted stock units and related dividend equivalent units.
f3 in connection with the separation, certain outstanding dowdupont stock options were converted into awards of options to purchase shares of the issuer's common stock in an exempt transaction pursuant to rule 16a-9. the number of shares and exercise prices of each option award were adjusted in a manner intended to preserve the economic/intrinsic value of the original dowdupont stock option.
f4 this option is fully vested and exercisable.
f5 87,962 options are vested and exercisable. the remaining options will vest on february 2, 2020.
f6 25,154 options are vested and exercisable. the remaining options will vest in two equal installments on february 15, 2020 and february 15, 2021.
f7 represents phantom stock units held under the issuer's retirement savings restoration plan.
f8 there is generally no conversion price for these phantom stock units. each phantom stock unit is the equivalent of one share of common stock of the issuer.
f9 phantom stock units are payable in cash in lump sum or installments at the election of the reporting person, and do not carry an exercisable date or expiration date.

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