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Schedule 13D's and 13G's (Max of 250 shown)
Event Date Filed By Subject Company Ticker Total
Reported Shares
13F Reported Shares for Q1 2022 % Ownership Previous transaction 13D Reason
05/23/2022 SC 13D Backtest GOLDEN MEDITECH STEM CELLS (BVI) COMPANY LTD Global Cord Blood Corp CO 78,874,106 64.90% Reason
05/23/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest FORMULA SYSTEMS (1985) LTD Magic Software Enterprises Ltd MGIC 22,710,106 46.30% SC 13D/A Filing on 2018-07-12: 22,080,468 shares reported Reason
05/23/2022 SC 13G MINA MAR CORP HIRU Corp 165,000,010 9.70%
05/23/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest BLUE OCEAN STRUCTURE INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD Global Cord Blood Corp CO 79,528,662 65.40% SC 13D/A Filing on 2022-05-20: 79,528,662 shares reported Reason
05/23/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest BERTELSMANN SE & COMPANY . KGAA Afya Ltd AFYA 29,424,323 40.20% SC 13D/A Filing on 2022-05-04: 29,074,134 shares reported Reason
05/20/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL IntriCon Corp IIN 1,143,140 791,951 12.29% SC 13D/A Filing on 2022-05-18: 1,321,937 shares reported
05/19/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest Cannae Holdings, Inc. System1 Inc SST 25,450,559 27,181,770 28.10% SC 13D/A Filing on 2022-04-19: 26,453,256 shares reported Reason
05/18/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest MORRIS JOHN ANDREW SR. Repay Hldgs Corp Cl A RPAY 4,838,729 5.10% SC 13D/A Filing on 2022-02-08: 4,594,053 shares reported
05/17/2022 SC 13G Backtest TOCATLY DAN S Ion Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd TBLA 12,007,299 5.03%
05/17/2022 SC 13G Backtest LIND GLOBAL FUND II LP Vallon Pharmaceuticals Inc VLON 1,084,511 9.90%
05/16/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest BIFINITY UAB Diginex Ltd EQOS 4,777,038 9.30% SC 13D Filing on 2022-04-19: 3,215,940 shares reported Reason
05/16/2022 SC 13G/A Backtest SELECT EQUITY GROUP, L.P. Portillos Inc PTLO 1,949,925 2,370,856 5.40% 13F Filing on 2022-03-31: 2,370,856 shares reported
05/13/2022 SC 13G Backtest SUNRIVER MANAGEMENT LLC NeoGames S.A. NGMS 1,659,845 0 6.42% 13F Filing on 2022-03-31: 0 shares reported
05/13/2022 SC 13G Backtest SABA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P. Prime Number Acquisition I Corp PNACU 500,000 7.30%
05/13/2022 SC 13G Backtest BIGGER CAPITAL FUND L P Vallon Pharmaceuticals Inc VLON 553,498 5.30%
05/13/2022 SC 13G Backtest FLOYD D. GOTTWALD, JR. LIVING TRUST NewMarket Corp. (Albermarle Paper Manufacturing - Ethyl Corp.) NEU 883,842 8.60%
05/12/2022 SC 13G Backtest VENROCK HEALTHCARE CAPITAL PARTNERS II, L.P. Akouos, Inc. AKUS 2,391,545 6.90%
05/12/2022 SC 13G Backtest ADAGE CAPITAL PARTNERS GP, L.L.C. Investcorp India Acquisition Corp IVCAU 2,025,000 7.83%
05/11/2022 SC 13G Backtest LYTTON LAURENCE W EMCORE Corp. EMKR 2,043,911 5.40% SC 13G/A Filing on 2021-12-31: 652,796 shares reported
04/28/2022 SC 13D/A Backtest SEA CONSOLIDATION S A OF PANAMA Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited TNP 7,486,805 15.20% SC 13D/A Filing on 2018-02-08: 5,999,804 shares reported Reason
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