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Schedule 13D's and 13G's (Max of 250 shown)
Event Date Filed By Subject Company Ticker Total
Reported Shares
13F Reported Shares for Q4 2020 % Ownership Previous transaction 13D Reason
02/24/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest JONES MARK EVAN Goosehead Insurance Inc GSHD 19,242,959 52.32% SC 13D/A Filing on 2020-12-30: 19,342,342 shares reported Reason
02/24/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest ORBIMED ADVISORS LLC XTANT MED HLDGS INC COM (DE) XTNT 72,803,072 72,803,072 93.60% 13F Filing on 2020-12-31: 72,803,072 shares reported Reason
02/24/2021 SC 13D Backtest MITHAQ CAPITAL SPC Software Acquisition Group Inc. II SAII 3,823,166 17.73% SC 13G Filing on 2021-02-12: 3,021,769 shares reported Reason
02/23/2021 SC 13G Backtest BIGGER CAPITAL FUND L P BriaCell Therapeutics Corp BCTX 555,000 9.80%
02/22/2021 SC 13D/A Backtest SABA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P. Voya Prime Rate Trust PPR 27,457,299 36,320,674 22.46% SC 13D/A Filing on 2021-01-07: 27,457,179 shares reported Reason
02/16/2021 SC 13G/A Backtest CHEN SUNWEI 17 Education & Technology Group Inc. ADS YQ 33,092,862 8.00% SC 13G/A Filing on 2021-01-26: 32,936,142 shares reported
02/16/2021 SC 13G Backtest EMPYREAN CAPITAL PARTNERS, LP Centricus Acquisition Corp CENHU 1,726,093 5.00%
01/01/2021 SC 13G Backtest CONDIRE MANAGEMENT, LP Golden Star Resources Ltd GSS 10,767,905 9.70%
12/31/2020 SC 13G Backtest SINGH CHARAN JIT SelectQuote, Inc. SLQT 11,387,351 7.00%
12/31/2020 SC 13G/A Backtest NANOTX, CORP. PLUS THERAPEUTICS ORD SHS PSTV 230,769 4.83% SC 13G Filing on 2020-05-06: 230,769 shares reported
12/31/2020 SC 13G/A Backtest SPEER FOUNDATION Procyon Corp. PCYN 1,555,000 19.20% SC 13G Filing on 2017-07-01: 1,600,000 shares reported
12/13/2020 SC 13G/A Backtest STERNBERG STUART Precision Optics Corp. Inc. PEYE 884,477 6.70% SC 13G/A Filing on 2020-02-05: 1,235,794 shares reported

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