The description of the terms of the Simplification Agreement as set forth above in Item 3 is incorporated herein by reference. This description is a summary only and is qualified in its entirety by the terms of the Stockholders’ Agreement, which is filed as Exhibit 2 to this Schedule 13D, and is incorporated herein by reference.
The Reporting Persons and the Other Persons acquired the Shares for investment purposes, and they intend to review their investments in the Issuer on a continuing basis. Any actions the Reporting Persons or the Other Persons may undertake may be made at any time and from time to time without prior notice and will be dependent upon the respective Reporting Persons’ and the Other Persons’ review of numerous factors, including, but not limited to: an ongoing evaluation of the Issuer’s business, financial condition, operations and prospects; price levels of the Issuer’s securities; general market, industry and economic conditions; the relative attractiveness of alternative business and investment opportunities; and other future developments.
The Reporting Persons and the Other Persons may acquire additional securities of the Issuer, or retain or sell all or a portion of the securities then held, in the open market or in privately negotiated transactions. In addition, the Reporting Persons may engage in discussions with management, the board of directors, and stockholders of the Issuer and other relevant parties or encourage, cause or seek to cause the Issuer or such persons to consider or explore extraordinary corporate transactions, such as: a merger, reorganization or takeprivate transaction that could result in the delisting or deregistration of the Shares; sales or acquisitions of assets or businesses; changes to the capitalization or dividend policy of the Issuer; or other material changes to the Issuer’s business or corporate structure, including changes in management or the composition of the Issuer’s board of directors (the “Board”).