Item 4 of the Original Schedule 13D is hereby amended by adding the following paragraphs at the end thereof:
"As a result of the Tender, the Reporting Persons no longer own any ARPS Shares of the Issuer.
BAPFC and Blue Ridge made the Purchase for investment purposes. BAPFC and Blue Ridge acquired the 2019 VMTP Shares (CUSIP No. 31423P504) pursuant to a VMTP Purchase Agreement, dated October 18,2019, between the Issuer, BAPFC and Blue Ridge (the "Purchase Agreement") on their initial issuance for a purchase price of $113,600,000.
The Reporting Persons have not acquired the subject securities with any purpose, or with the effect of, changing or influencing control of the Issuer, or in connection with or as a participant in any transaction having that purpose or effect."