WhaleWisdom Shell Help

The Shell's primary purpose is to let you test the WhaleWisdom API. The command you enter in the Shell will be the same command you set as the "args" parameter when doing an API call directly. The WhaleWisdom Shell will also streamlines how you interact with the WhaleWisdom database and let you quickly query for the data you're after. Many commands let you output data on screen, to a CSV file, or to a JSON formatted file.

What can I do with this?

Just about anything you can do currently in WhaleWisdom, just streamlined for efficiency

Getting Started

There are a few basic keys that you will need to understand before using the Shell: Enclose parameters with spaces in them in quotes ("). For example the stock_lookup command takes a --name parameter. If the name you are looking for has a space in it then you will need to put " marks around it. stock_lookup --name "best buy" as an example.

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