Avatar Holdings Inc. (AVTR)

Data derived from most recent annual or quarterly report
Market Cap Avg 30-day Volume
P/E Ratio0.0 Dividend Yield0.0 EPS-2.15
Price to Revenue31.4986 Debt to Equity0.0 EBITDA-33.382 Million
Price to Book Value2.6665 Operating Margin-358.9646 Enterprise Value217.946 Million
Current Ratio7.516 EPS Growth0.721 Quick Ratio6.953
1 Yr BETA 52-week High/Low Profit Margin-363.205
Operating Cash Flow Growth-45.7097 Altman Z-Score13.1882 Free Cash Flow to Firm -55.319 Million
This stock has been renamed. The new symbol is at: AVHI

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